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Practical information:

The Passport2Success programme is full time, 5 days a week, from 8:30am to 4pm.

The programme lasts for 12 weeks which includes a week of community service and work placement days. Cohorts usually run from:

September to December
January to April
April to July

The curriculum is ever evolving as Passport2Success grows and tries to meet the demands of every participant. However certain information is taught to every cohort and this includes:

Topic / Main Lessons


• Getting to know each other / Group Rules / Campus Policies
Lots of paperwork

Introduction to the World of Work

• Understanding the Labour Law
• Understanding Employment Contracts
• Probationary Periods
• Exploring business practices

Effective Communication

• Barriers to Communication
• Understanding Communication Styles
• Formal vs Informal Communication
• Improving written and oral communication
• Understanding non-verbal communication
• Exploring Work Place Communication
• Introduction to public speaking
• Body language

Problem Solving in the Workplace

• What does your ‘attitude’ say about you?
• How to avoid conflicts at work / Improving your negotiation skills
• Being a team player

Making a Positive First Impression

• What does your email address / phone message say about you?
• Personal hygiene & appearance
• Protocol of shaking hands / Basic business etiquette
• Time management strategies

Technology in the Job Search

• Basic computer skills needed for the workplace
• Conducting a job search / researching a company
• Creating a resume / Writing professional emails / Selecting references

Community Service Projects

• Finalize and complete all community service projects

Getting Ready for Work Experience

• Finalize all work experience details, agreements, placements

Wrap-Up / Commencement Planning

• Finish up all tasks, revise resumes with P2S Graduation and Work experience
• Prepare for Commencement Ceremony / Complete Programme Evaluation



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